The glass specialist for more than 25 years

Founded in 1994 and firmly rooted on the Sassemse Industriekade, we have been the glass specialist in the Duin and Bulb Region, Leiden and surrounding areas for more than 25 years. Since January 2020 we have a new management and we are located together in one building with our brother Ambra Kozijnen. Below we introduce our team to you. Not unimportant: our employees are in possession of a VCA certificate (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors) and an Emergency Response diploma (Business Assistance).

Multiglas is affiliated with the Glass Department of BouwendNederland.

  • Ben

    Master in hard glass and other beautiful things
  • Ramon

    Good with glass, even better with stained glass
  • Nick

    Makes every job a party
  • Hubert

    Dynamic duo with Lukazs
  • Lukazs

    Dynamic duo with Hubert
  • Rene

    Expedition employee
    Warehouse management, receiving suppliers and all-round helping hand
  • Ruben

    Commercial office employee
    From first point of contact to quotation and planning
  • Thomas

    Back office
    Make sure all points and commas are correct
  • Mary & Imre

    Managing board
    Ruler (left), frame connoisseur and glass enthusiast (right)
Multiglas has been a professional installer of all types of glass for more than 25 years. We are there for you when it comes to:
  • Double glazing, HR++ glass, triple glazing
  • Figure and monument glass
  • Laminated/tempered safety glass
  • Glass doors and facades
  • Shower walls and doors
  • Mirrors and mirror walls
  • Glass kitchen back wall
  • Stained glass and more
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Check out our brother Ambra Frames for plastic and aluminum frames, doors and sliding doors, window decoration and insect screens.
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